When Frida met Kim …

Hi all, welcome to my June post for The Monthly Stitch which is also a contest entry for the dress competition. The focus for this month is Indie Patterns but as I have only ever sewn Indie patterns I am on familiar territory!


During the first week of Me Made May when I was managing to keep up with all the IG posts, I spotted one garment made with a fabric I found so fabulous I immediately set about tracking it down – thank you Fondant Fabrics.


Isn’t is fabulous?  Just in case you too want to buy it, here are the details:


I wish I had made a note of whose IG I saw the fabric on so that I could say a huge thanks.  My plan was to make a BHL Kim with it to wear on the last day of MMMay15 as a sort of grand finale – also coinciding with my husband’s birthday.  I made it by the skin of my teeth – sewing the bodice lining in whilst sat in bed having my early morning cup of tea on the 31st.

Regular readers of my blog Clarinda Kaleidoscope will know I have a bit of a love affair with Colette Patterns Sorbetto and usually manage to squeeze one out of my scraps.  I did things a little bit back to front this time.  After I cut out my Kim, I eeked out my Sorbetto – no pleat and made that up first.  It very quickly became a favourite.


Anyway, back to Kim.  I spent ages cutting out.  I wanted a centralised Frida on the bodice – tick.


I also wanted to do the same on the back – sadly I made a right ole booboo.  Can you spot the obvious mistake?


Retrospectively, I think it may have been too much having two centralised Fridas.



This is my third Kim; my first was for a wedding (a Flamingo Border) and the second was a fun, nautical version.  I am not known for my muslins (naughty girl) but I have made adjustments.  I chopped off about an inch from the shoulders to save them slipping down and I sewed a wider, sweeping arc for the seam allowance at the Princess seams because my boobiloobies don’t fill the bodice.   I think this is the most I have altered a garment in terms of fit.



Anyway, if I say so myself I think it is an absolute glory.  I am SO chuffed with it. The Kim is a great pattern – the instructions are really clear and if you need extra help with fiddly bits, the details on the Kim Sewalong give all the detailed advice you need.

It is such a glorious day we decided to visit Parham  – an enormous country house with massive parklands, formal gardens and today, a craft fair. I thought it was a fitting location for my new, favourite dress and was delighted when one of the “crafty” ladies told me that she thought my dress was the best one she’d seen this year!

Anyway, let’s hope the sun continues to shine on us.  I think I might even have a mid week post this week, as on Tuesday I am starting a three week workshop at Sew Over it to learn how to make their new Vintage Shirtdress – can’t wait. Will close with a couple more pics from Parham but please feel free to skip if you have Frida/Kim/Clarinda fatigue!

Toodle pip,




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  2. This is brilliant! The fabric is amazing, and I love the colours in it. Argh to cutting out the back! I find it difficult to visualise what I’m trying to do when I’m matching a print. It really can be a hit and miss process. Isn’t Fondant Fabrics great? They really do have some lovely fabrics. I got some fabric from them that has Mexican tarot cards on it, and made a Belladone dress from it.


  3. Stunning! Brilliant pattern choice to show off the fabric, but not too much. I don’t think no one will notice the back pattern matching – I’ve done that and forgotten the seam allowance! Doh! But you won’t do it again. 😀


  4. This is such a fabulous fabric – really colourful. I do like all your Kims! I haven’t tried this pattern yet but I am obsessed about making dresses lately so I may have to give it a go!



  5. That’s a beautiful dress, the fabric is amazing & I think you’ve done a fab job of matching & placing Frida on the front. I’ve got the Kim pattern, but I think I need to find the right fabric before I think about starting on it!


  6. Agree with all above and gosh darn it Ms Kaleidascope I am trying to not buy more fabric! Stunning dress…wish you had some twirly pictures- that dress is made for twirling💃😃


  7. Amazing fabric! Your dress looks perfect and I think that the centralised Frieda on the front gives it a real wow factor. You must have been really frustrated after pattern matching the back pieces but I think it looks great without a ‘rear’ Frieda! 😉


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