Nautical Kim with a Twist


Hello all. hope you are having a FAB weekend!

I want to share my second Kim with you – these photos were taken at the beach last weekend which is probably why I am sat here now with a cold. It was such a gloriously sunny day albeit windy and I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take photos of my nautical Kim in an appropriate setting.


We had so much fun taking the photos but I have to tell you – this dress did not make me smile the first time I put it on.  I bought the fabric at Fabric Land in Worthing over the Easter holidays, originally for a Sureau but decided to go with a Kim because the fabric was so summery.


Although I had bought lining fabric I managed to eek the dress out of two metres.  It did necessitate a lot of twiddling around and I had to cut right up to the selvedge which fortunately was patterned rather than being a white strip.  Anyway, I thought I had marked each piece so that the selvedge pieces were on the inside of the bodice but I was sewing whilst watching, I think it was, Morse.  There are so many adverts in these two hour programmes that in order to alleviate the guilt from lazing on the sofa – I hop up every time the ads are on and do a bit of sewing which proabably accounts for why this happened (and I did not notice until I tried the finished garment on)!


Normally I become despairing when things go wrong but this just made me laugh and laugh.  I could not believe that I hadn’t noticed this: I will certainly be more attentive when I am lining in the same fabric in the future.  I have not been put off though – I have already bought some Liberty with all of the Alice in Wonderland characters on and am going to make another one. imageimageYou will see that I did correct it.  I had to unpick the shoulder, twist the pieces round the right way and then I simply butt the two shoulder pieces together and handstitched with really tiny stitches.  Obviously I can notice it but as my hair is shoulder  length, I don’t think anyone else will – unless of course I meet you on a beach somewhere and you want a quick peek to see how neatly I did it!

Here are a couple more pics – just because it was such a lovely day.


In other sewing news I have finished the two ties I was sewing in the Liberty Lawn with daisies – I did the hand sewing on the train which seemed to intrigue people. I gave one to a friend last night at his leaving do and the other has been hidden away for Mr CK’s birthday next month.  I really do enjoy making ties.


This weekend I am hoping to cut out my Gabriola (need to trace the pattern first) and I am currently making my tennis themed Sorbetto in preparation for the half term tennis camp.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and especially good luck to you if you are running a marathon!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x



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  4. I do love your Kim dresses! So floaty and flirty! I was thinking about your flamingos Kim dress the other day when the border fabric popped up on my IG. Looks like you had a fab time at the seaside💃💃


  5. It takes a steady hand to sew on a train, Bravo! I had no idea that there was a Fabricland in Worthing as well as Brighton. Can you give me the address please?


    • Hi, I got it wrong – It’s called The Fabric Shop – a large corner location almost adjacent to one of the theatres. If you look at my post about my Delphine on 5th April, there is a picture of the shop so you might be able to work out from that where it is – sorry I don’t know the street name as I came upon it by chance.


  6. I thought at first you had done the twisting by purpose and was wondering which pattern it is 🙂 but reading on I’m glad you fixed the problem because it would have annoyed you otherwise. Your dress is so cute – love that nautical fabric – and it looks fab together with your white cardi.


  7. Your dress is gorgeous! What’s not to love about nautical fabric? I gasped at the photo of the shoulder strap, I think I would have cried if that had been me. I’m glad you were able to fix it. And Liberty Alice In Wonderland fabric?! I am going to google that RIGHT NOW!


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