Kim, Flamingos and a (Copy) Cat

Hello all,


I finished my Kim Sewalong a little bit behind schedule but still on time for my niece’s wedding on the 11th April.  She is having a very colourful wedding in Peckham and I thought this fabric would be perfect for a fun dress – here I must confess – the inspiration came from Dolly Clackett whose dress I have completely copied – please forgive me and thanks SO much for being such a huge source of inspiration to me during my first year of sewing.  There, I’ve got that out of the way right at the beginning of the post so now I can give you the deets.

I am writing this post as my contribution to the Monthly Stitch Collective and the theme for March is Inside Out.  Well, the insides of this frock will probably make you sigh with disbelief.  So far, every dress I have made has had shedloads of surplus fabric so instead of the three metres I should have got, I went for two.  Big mistake.  The skirt is supposed to have all three metres in it so mine is nowhere near as swishy as it should be.


The bodice is lined and as I didn’t have the full amount of fabric (Grrrr), I couldn’t get the lining out of the same fabric. As I had already started cutting out and just wanted to get on to sewing I searched my stash – which is nowhere near as abundant as some I  have seen.  The only fabric I had which was not printed or not cotton was some gorgeous broderie anglaise I had bought from Sew Over it and cost half as much again as the dress fabric itself.


It looks very pretty anyway.  If you are a regular reader you will know I have a fear of my overlocker, which came threaded with black.  I decided I would be bold and use it to finish my seams …. can you see where this is going?

imageI promise I won’t do this again.  I have now had a private lesson and been shown how to change my threads – although I haven’t yet done it by myself. If you look very carefully at the picture of the bodice you can see just see the darkness of the thread peeping through – Oh I am a wally. Luckily it’s on the inside so only I know.  The bodice top was a challenge for me – I have never done that thread the fabric through the shoulders thing before – I didn’t think it would ever go through and when it did, the fabric was so creased it looked like a rag.  Here is a picture mid procedure – looks rude doesn’t it?

imageI also learned a new technique for gathering and I have to say, it has produced the best results so far; you prepare the gathers by hand-sewing two rows of running stitch at the same time.


Although I am please with the overall outcome, there are a few things I regret – of course, there are. The black overlocking and the fact that I didn’t handstitch the hem.  On the plus side my invisible zip insertion is improving and if I can get my waist seams to line up it would be moving towards perfect.


So all in all a reasonable outcome. The fabric is called Flaming Boarder and I got it from Fancy Moon; the dress pattern (which I would highly recommend) is By Hand London’s Kim – but don’t skimp on the fabric.



imageI thought you might like a little close up of my shoes.  I have become obsessed with Swedish clogs – I bought two pairs at the end of the summer in the sale which I hadn’t had chance to wear but now that I have and know exactly how comfortable they are, I have bought another …. sssshhhh, don’t tell Mr CK this ….. three pairs.

So, the clocks have gone back, Spring is officially here and it is the first day of my two week Easter break – Happy Days!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x






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  4. I love all the clothes you make and this one is just as gorgeous!! Like everyone else I love your clogs. Can i just ask though are they a bit slippy when you walk or do they grip? I’m so tempted!!


  5. Looks fab! I too was so inspired by Dolly Clackett and I love all her dresses and shoes. I love the clogs too….but are they really comfortable??? If so I want!!!


  6. Hi
    I found your blog the other day. We made out coats and lace dresses together at Sew over It and it is great to see what you have been sewing since. Love your dresses. I remember you buying the lovely lavender print. Keep in touch – and I still think that your navy lace dress looks lovely on you!


  7. I think you are being far to hard on yourself! The lining is beautiful, no one can see the black thread (I too have non matching overlocker thread for frear of re-threading). The dress looks wonderful and perfect – I wish I had half your talent! I love the clogs too – my first pair arrived today, and I am already eyeing up another……………….. (not sure how long I can keep my clog fetish a secret from the hubby!)


  8. I have so admired that fabric; it’s wonderful!
    I can’t believe your overlocker came with black thread – how bizarre!
    A fabulous dress. I hope you will be doing lots of dancing to keep yourself warm, or it at least warms up in the next few weeks!


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