A little displacement activity – man sewing

Hi to all, hope you are having a FAB time enjoying the sunshine, especially if you are back to work tomorrow or saying goodbye to your littlies as they return to school.   image I have had a lovely break – really relaxing.  I didn’t get quite as much sewing as I expected as I have been distracted by other activities and fussing over the family – which I love to do. I am currently supposed to be doing coursework marking which I should have done earlier in the holidays but I have hopped onto the laptap to write this blog post – naughty naughty.


Worn here with an un-ironed, non-matching shirt just because I was impatient to get a photo

Yesterday it was my niece’s wedding – she is the first of my thirteen nieces and nephews to get married and I had made a Flamingo Kim for the occasion. However, during the holidays when my sewing plans seemed to revolve endlessly around dresses I decided to do a little man sew as a displacement activity – I was  inspired to do this by Lazy Daisy Jones who has pledged to do a man sew a month. With the wedding fast approaching, I decided to make a tie using the leftovers from my Mortmain. imageA tie does take a surprising amount of fabric.  Mr CK kept looking at it doubtfully asking “exactly how big is it going to be”?  I have made a tie once before, at a ClothKits workshop.  I used the same pattern as I was pleased at how that one turned out. I used a little bit of lilac polka dot which I have got in my stash which I think is wanting to be made up into a Gabriola – which would certainly go well with my shoes.  I have read a couple of blogs this week where people have been reviewing the goals they set themselves for 2015 – mine are not going terribly well. Making the Gabriola was one of my pledges so I think I should crack on with that now that the summer is on its way.  However, I have just cut out another Mortmain and have bought the fabric to make my Davie – so much sewing and so little time. imageAnyway, there is not too much more  to say about the tie.  I enjoyed the construction and particularly like the hand sewing elements. It was a pleasant afternoon’s distraction from my selfish sewing.  I was really pleased that Mr CK was quite happy to wear it to the wedding and told everyone that I had made it. So to close today, here are a few pics of the wedding to show you the Kim and tie actually in use for an “occasion” – a glorious London affair which saw us traipsing around on London Transport in all our finery. Toodle pip, Clarinda x


With my beautiful niece Sarah


With some of the family menfolk; Summer Rose pretending she is the bride.


There did seem to be a bit of a lemon theme going on (which I like) but the lilac looks nice too


Outside our local waiting for the bus to take us to Clapham Junction – classy!

PS – If you did scroll down this far … I’ve got another couple of weddings to go to this summer.  What do you think about the idea of my Mortmain and the matching tie? Utterly dreadful or fun cheese?

8 responses

  1. eep! love the tie 🙂 (and your dress…) seems like you had a fantastic weekend for the wedding too. I love the idea of a matching tie for a mortmain – a perfect dress for a wedding!!

    p.s.you’re far more trustful of public transport than me – taxi every time!


  2. You’ve made my day as I still have not touched my GCSE mock marking or AS coursework! However we are aren’t back next week so I’m telling myself that week one is sewing, week 2 school. We’ll see. PS great tie.


  3. Sounds like a fun day 🙂 Tie looks great and no doubt made a nice change. You’re doing a great job of promoting those shoes too. I’ve been tempted by them before, but I’m trying to be good…


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