Perfect for Bluebells


Hello dear readers, fellow bloggers and especially Me Made Mayers,

During last year’s OWOP I was lucky enough to win three patterns as part of a giveaway and one of them was Sewaholic Gabriola. On 29th September 2014 I pledged here that I would make up all three patterns and blog about them. Well …. one down two to go.

imageI bought the fabric originally (cheaply, on-line, can’t remember from where) to make a frock for the Lilac Dinner (a school event) but it was usurped by another predominantly lilac fabric I subsequently found at Sew Over It.  Anyway, I had the urge to tackle the Gabriola and thought that the abandoned polka dot would be perfect.  I had a little ponder over the zip and put it to the vote on  instagram; the invisible zip won. What do you think?


I DO like the lacy one and hope to use it soon on something suitable.

Today is BH Monday – it was sunny earlier.  We tried to take photos up on the riverbank (my garden ends at the river) but it was too blowy really.

imageimageIn the afternoon we planned to go on a bluebell hunt so set off on a lovely walk: we did find some glorious bluebells  but I have to admit – I did not wear my high heels and super swishy skirt all the time so what you see here is very much a “location shot”.  I wish I had a decent camera rather than the one on my ipad.

imageIn terms of making up, it took a while as most things do for me.  The sizing was odd.  I would describe myself as a classic pear but my waist was size 10 whilst the hips were size 6.  I knew I would struggle to grade as there were all the yoke pieces to get through but lovely Saturday Night Stitch gave me good advice – thanks Hila, it worked! I did have to fiddle around a bit once I had traced off the pattern because I hadn’t realised how much of a jigsaw the yoke would be – my fault I should have labelled up my pieces more carefully.  I an lucky enough to have a lovely friend and neighbour called Ali who also sews.  I popped round to hers to get fitting help before I put my zip in  – I had to cut a wedge out of the back. This is why this particular skirt is a better fit than most of my other makes! Whilst I was there I spotted this gorgeous frock on her dress form  – a genuine vintage make.


Finally, are you doing Me Made May? I am LOVING it!  I have seen so many FAB outfits on Instagram but it is a terrible time thief.  I am not sure how I am going to keep up with what everyone is wearing once I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Not as many Sorbettos as I thought – which is good for me!

Have a good week – I am already planning my next post – a Me Made May round up.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

imagePS just a final pic to show you how well my Swedish Hasbeens go with the Gabriola – roll on gorgeously hot summer days


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  4. Your Gabriola is gorgeous! Especially with the bluebells. I have this pattern, but haven’t made it yet because I know I’ll have the same waist/hip size issues that you had. Any tips on how you fixed it?!


    • Hi, following the advice of Saturday night stitch I graded the TOP yoke piece but did the other yoke the smaller size. Those pieces can be cut on the bias so it I’d quite forgiving. I am really chuffed with it so thanks for your compliment!


  5. Absolutely perfect for wearing in a bluebell wood. I’d love to see some bluebells one day. Your zip choice is just right but that lacey one is interesting too. Would you use it as a feature?


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