A Fabric Godmother indeed!

Hello all,

I have had a very exciting week which included A level results , another 12 mile stretch of the South Downs Way, a visit to Peppa Pig World and the Open Day at Fabric Godmother and may I just say, what a Godmother indeed!

With Butterflies and Lemondrops, Daisy creates in Sussex and Seams Odd Louise

With Butterflies and Lemondrops, Daisy creates in Sussex and Seams Odd Louise

It is the first time I have ever met any other bloggers in real life and it is quite a surreal experience – to encounter someone you exchange with on a regular basis and feel you “know” but then to meet them in the flesh and have to formally introduce yourself.  This was slightly complicated by the fact that our blog names are not our real names, i.e. Daisy is actually Linda and in a rather odd inversion my blog name is actually my real name but I use a different name in real life!

So, to the Open Day.  The fabric choice was overwhelming – SO much good stuff. I went with a plan – which I fulfilled and bought a couple of other things as well.  Next time, I hope there is a next time, I will have a bigger plan! It was lovely having a cup of tea afterwards and swopping tales/showing off our purchases. Absolutely no-one left empty handed.

I have LOVED wearing my maxis this summer (Gabriola and Anna) so I decided I would make a maxi for winter with a cropped jacket to go with it. One of my prizes as a winner in The Monthly Stitch dresses contest was a pattern from Named and I chose the Lourdes jacket.  I hope it will look very funky paired with the skirt but also realise it could look dreadfully Edwardian and frumpy. What do you think?

Skirt in check; jacket in plain

Skirt in check; jacket in plain

I am also wondering if I could actually make up version B of the Gabriola and use the plain fabric for the contract yoke (is it called a yoke on a skirt?) and waistband – what do you think?

imageTo set off my autumn suit, I bought this lovely bird fabric to make a shirt – the colours match perfectly although I accept it will look super busy when paired with the skirt.

imageI did intend to get some lining of a similar hue but was completely drawn to this silky, dotty fabric so I am afraid that if you look inside my skirt they’ll be even more busyness/clashing going on!

imageMy final purchase was this wonderful cotton – as I said I do love my birds.  They are large ish – almost a handspan from beak tip to tail.  My original thought was a shirt but my frame might be overwhelmed.  I bought two metres to give me options – what do you think I should make? As I’m typing this and thinking about my lining comment above I have just thought that this would make delightful lining on a black jacket (not that I want to use it for lining though).

All in all, a really great visit – I got to say hi to Rachel from House of Pinheiro but most enjoyed meeting some of the ladies I think of as my sewing chums!

Sewing this week has taken a bit of a back burner due to all of the other things happening.  I was making good progress on my Flamingo Mortmain but annoyingly, having decided to add sleeves to this one, it never occurred to me that my great big shoulders might need a larger size. I am currently feeling a bit despondent about the frock as I am going to have to unpick, re-sew and re-set the sleeves with the absolute minimum seam allowance – Grr.  Off to do that now!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

16 responses

  1. Lovely reading about your blogger meet up, I always think it would be a bit of a surreal experience what with the names, etc! You chose some great fabrics, will look forward to seeing them made up…


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  3. I was so sorry to miss this meet up! 😦 I had forgotten that I had booked a day out with my mum and going to the theatre – I only remembered a couple of days ago! It looks like you had a wonderful time and managed to grab some lovely fabrics though. I hope there is another get together soon – I’d love to meet you all.


  4. I think using the yoke for contrast will be beautiful. It was fantastic to meet you and sit in the sun eating cake and talking sewing. A really great day. Hope your group’s A-level results were what you were hoping for. Louise x


  5. What a fantastic fabric haul. If the sewing gods are on your side the skirt and jacket combo should look amazing and very high end designer. I love the jacket and can’t wait to see how you get on with it. Don’t forget to add the seam allowance on the named pattern if it’s the printed version, as I found out to my cost!!


  6. It was a great day! I loved meeting everyone in ‘real life’. I wish I had bought all of your fabric choices (so many fabrics not enough time/money! – I especially love both bird prints – I think they would both work as blouses/shirts/topsofsomdescription! And your gabriola/lourdes combo will look fab!


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