Round up of the year – Top five misses

It’s a real shame when something doesn’t work out because the start of every project begins with gleeful anticipation as you decide upon pattern and amass fabric and notions.  To be honest, I think that, with the exception of my Sorbettos, almost all of my makes have included an element of disappointment. No doubt this is due to the combination of being a relatively new sewista and a sort of perfectionist. I say sort of because, rather annoyingly, I get despondent, then cross and don’t really have the patience to sort matters out so abandon projects to my ever-growing WIP pile. I salute those of you who regularly unpick, re-draft, make four toiles etc. so, here they are – my top five misses:


What possessed me? I don’t know why I thought I would look ok wearing a dress covered in black cats playing with red balls of wool. I made this for the fun Crazy Cat Lady Challenge and I did enjoy participating but, on reflection, perhaps a pair of PJs would have been better.  I nonchantly wore my creation to work and hardly anyone made a comment – which I took as a bad sign. The one person who did refer to my frock asked if I was wearing my Halloween outfit which sort of says it all.


My Dahlia neckline was a Disaster Dahling – it would have fitted my hips with room to spare. I have now put a four inch inverted pleat into the back but the updated version has yet to be worn. Really disappointing because I love the fabric and the design – as it looks on other people.


I feel a bit mean including my lace dress as a Miss because I really enjoyed the workshops where I made it but I just don’t like it on me. It is too big and just a bit too conservative – a sort of frumpy mother of the bride type garment.


And finally, this beanie – photo taken just now on yet another gorgeously sunny December day in the UK. An incredibly frustrating Miss because I do love a hat (you may have noticed) and the shape and feel of this are very me. I like the effect created by using two different wool weights/needle size to create the bands but dearie me, why did I pick an apricot coloured mix? Is there anyone who could wear this colourway or have anything that vaguely would go with it? If only I had gone for a bluey plummy palette this would never be off my head.

top 5


So, there you have it – my misses of 2014 and it turns out, I could only muster four so … Happy Days! Wishing you all a Missless new year and thanks again to Crafting a Rainbow for hosting the Sewing Top 5.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x