Round up of the year – Top five misses

It’s a real shame when something doesn’t work out because the start of every project begins with gleeful anticipation as you decide upon pattern and amass fabric and notions.  To be honest, I think that, with the exception of my Sorbettos, almost all of my makes have included an element of disappointment. No doubt this is due to the combination of being a relatively new sewista and a sort of perfectionist. I say sort of because, rather annoyingly, I get despondent, then cross and don’t really have the patience to sort matters out so abandon projects to my ever-growing WIP pile. I salute those of you who regularly unpick, re-draft, make four toiles etc. so, here they are – my top five misses:


What possessed me? I don’t know why I thought I would look ok wearing a dress covered in black cats playing with red balls of wool. I made this for the fun Crazy Cat Lady Challenge and I did enjoy participating but, on reflection, perhaps a pair of PJs would have been better.  I nonchantly wore my creation to work and hardly anyone made a comment – which I took as a bad sign. The one person who did refer to my frock asked if I was wearing my Halloween outfit which sort of says it all.


My Dahlia neckline was a Disaster Dahling – it would have fitted my hips with room to spare. I have now put a four inch inverted pleat into the back but the updated version has yet to be worn. Really disappointing because I love the fabric and the design – as it looks on other people.


I feel a bit mean including my lace dress as a Miss because I really enjoyed the workshops where I made it but I just don’t like it on me. It is too big and just a bit too conservative – a sort of frumpy mother of the bride type garment.


And finally, this beanie – photo taken just now on yet another gorgeously sunny December day in the UK. An incredibly frustrating Miss because I do love a hat (you may have noticed) and the shape and feel of this are very me. I like the effect created by using two different wool weights/needle size to create the bands but dearie me, why did I pick an apricot coloured mix? Is there anyone who could wear this colourway or have anything that vaguely would go with it? If only I had gone for a bluey plummy palette this would never be off my head.

top 5


So, there you have it – my misses of 2014 and it turns out, I could only muster four so … Happy Days! Wishing you all a Missless new year and thanks again to Crafting a Rainbow for hosting the Sewing Top 5.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x






6 responses

  1. Do you really feel a bit disappointed by everything you make? Everything I’m seeing shows that you are learning what you like to make and wear, and what colours or patterns work best for you. Those are great things to learn! I hope that 2015 brings you some good tried-and-true patterns so you can enjoy knocking out hit after hit! 🙂
    Thanks for joining in the Top 5 lists – I didn’t know your blog, but I’ll be following you now!

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  2. Hang on in there, it takes a while before your enthusiasm and skills match what you truly want to wear. I recommend Colette’s Mabel for an easy knit, easy wear skirt 🙂 Your navy blue lace dress looks beautiful though, are you sure you can’t ‘sex’ it up a bit? Looks anything but mum-sy to me…

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  3. I love the blue dress too!! Beautiful color and very nice fit, I am scared to make the Dahlia because I don’t want to have to deal with sorting out the neckline.

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