Week three of MMMay15 – almost more of a OWOP

Hi all,

I was a little bit disappointed with myself having to go heavily into repeats.  Had we had glorious sunshine I think I could have done an original on most days.  Anyway, I managed to knock out a scrap sorbetto with my Frida Kahlo fabric on Sunday and wore it to school Monday  – oddly enough it was bizarrely appropriate.

image This week it is school exams weeks for years 7 – 9 and the Y10s are currently cavorting around Europe on a Language Immersion Week in either France, Germany or Spain – apart from 22 little sweeties who did not want/could not afford to go so we have been running a Language Immersion Week for them in school. On Monday they spent the day researching Surrealism and an artist from their country as preparation for Tuesday when they went to Tate Modern.  I was the “Spanish” teacher for the day and we were supposed to research either Dali or Miro but I decided that we should do Kahlo and the girls absolutely loved her.  So, my top was greatly admired and I have to say, I think it is one of my favourite makes – it’s very me. I hope to make up the dress to wear on 31st May as some sort of grand finale to the event/challenge.

On Tuesday I wore one of my Scraps Sorbettos to work and forgot to get a photo but…..

Scraps Sorbetto 2

Scraps Sorbetto 2

….. in the evening I met my artist friend Annette for a drink in Putney and because I knew she would appreciate it, I changed into my Frieda again!

Not at all flattering

Not at all flattering

Wednesday was a really hard day at work.  I’ve been beavering away at a project I needed to hand in and stayed at work until 7pm to do it.  Really couldn’t be arsed to cook so met Mr CK in Pizza Express on the way home.  For a day when I was really busy it seems appropriate that I was wearing my “bees” – another favourite.

I do look knackered here

I do look knackered here

Ok, now this is getting silly. I was at our Head Office at Thursday i.e. not with my colleagues who had seen me all week but with a bunch of randoms  so guess what I wore?

imageOf course, my new favourite Sorbetto. I finished my course early so arrived at ABO to meet my friend Mark who is over from Australia for a couple of weeks. As I was there a good hour early I settled down with a nice glass of PGB, Love Sewing magazine and Virginia Woolf.  Is anyone planning to make up the Bardot?  I think it looks FAB – it fact, the neckline is exactly how my Dahlia turned out!  It’s so funny now to think that a woman can just go and sit in a pub by herself and feel absolutely relaxed – it wouldn’t have happened in Clarissa’s day!

imageThank goodness we finished the half term.  Had forgotten to get a photo at work so we took a quick one up on the riverbank before going down the pub – a  regular Friday occurence.  By coincidence I wore the Dahlia which my Tuesday Scraps Sorbetto had come from.


Today I am off to Portugal on a Tennis Camp with 30 girls from years 8,9,10.  I am “in charge” of the 9s. When my colleague asked me what I was wearing to travel in I replied ” high polka dot clogs because I can’t get them in my bag, Capri jeans, a top covered in tennis racquets with tennis ball buttons”. She laughed and continued to wait expectantly for my answer so I had to say, “seriously, that’s what I’m wearing.” I don’t think it looks too bad!

imageI usually make my Sorbettos out of scraps but I bought this fabric especially when I knew I was going on the trip. One night I woke up at about 2am thinking I wonder if they make tennis buttons so I had a quick internet search and got lucky! Anyway, I am just about to leave – I have a number of Me-Mades in my bag but none are sportswear.

I hope you have a lovely half term – looking forward to posting my final week’s round up with many sunny shots!  Also looking forward to seeing what you all wear for the final flourish.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x


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  1. You are looking very stylish in all your outfits. I love the themes you have and the tennis ball button is a brilliant idea! Who would ever thought someone would make them!?! Have a good week! X


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