Frieda Kahlo joins in with Me Made May – Week Two Round Up


Hello all, hope you are enjoying the sunshine?

I am well and truly into MMMay15 and managed to do two whole weeks without any repeats so I think my challenge for next year will be to go the whole 31 days.  Anyway, here’s how week two went:

Day 10

It was slightly overcast in the morning. Wore my Maria in Denmark top to play tennis. I don’t know if you can see it but the print is of Marilyn Monroe.

At the tennis club

At the tennis club

In the afternoon we did a 5K charity walk for the Snowdrop Trust. It was a really sunny afternoon and although there was the promise of tea, cakes and ice-creams at the end, the little people were quite weary for the last part of the walk.  Didn’t really get a good picture of it but wore another one of my “Scrap Sorbettos” with leftovers from my Lemons Lilou which was my first ever blog post; now I’ve done fifty!

Snowdrop Trust Charity Walk

Snowdrop Trust Charity Walk

Day 11

Back to work in a Tilly and the Buttons Delphine.  Almost forgot to get a picture today so this was taken in some lovely early evening sunshine.

Strawberry and Ants Delphine

Strawberry and Ants Delphine

Day 12

Another work day and this time I wore one of my Belcarra’s – this one made in Liberty Lawn Queue for the Zoo.  I do love this pattern but think I need to go down a size.

Looking very serious

Looking very serious

Day 13

A gloriously sunny day – this photo was taken at school at about 7.45am  Decided to be brave and wear my BHL Kim with a little cardigan.  Wanted to look a little dressy as I was going out for supper with a friend I haven’t seen for a couple of years as he has been in Australia.


Kim – the design has little anchors on (it is really a beach dress)

Day 14

Another day I almost forgot to get a picture.  This is me slumped in a chair at the end of a long day. I do love my Sureau – one of my students asked me if it was “White Stuff” so that made me smile.  It is funny quite how interested they are in your clothes!

Super comfy Sureau

Super comfy Sureau

Day 15

Thank goodness the week is over – here I am at home before going out for a curry,  I wore another Sorbetto, also made in Liberty Lawn.  I don’t know the name of the design but the lovely orangey hues really lift my work suit.

With Charlie, next door's cat

With Charlie, next door’s cat

Day 16

Big excitement – this gorgeous fabric arrived in the post.  I had seen it on IG on #MMMay15 but annoyingly cannot remember whose it was.  Anyway, I tracked it down and bought two meters.  I did a little poll on IG to see what I should make with it and had a number of helpful suggestions.  I have now cut out a KIM and guess what?  I had enough left over to make a “Scraps Sorbetto” which I am wearing today but you’ll have to wait until next week’s round up to see it – on check out my IG.

Behind here I am wearing my Maria in Denmark/Marilyn Munroe top again for tennis

Behind here I am wearing my Maria in Denmark/Marilyn Munroe top again for tennis

Day 17

A day of pottering: local market and then sewing.  I only finished the bias binding on this little top the previous day.  It is made in this season’s Liberty Tana Lawn Alice in Wonderland fabric.

Inverted pleat Scraps Sorbetto

Inverted pleat Scraps Sorbetto

What I have learned this week: I am OBSESSED with Sorbettos – I manage to squeeze one out of practically everything I make. In the case of Frieda Kahlo, I have actually made up the Sorbetto ahead of the dress which I had bought the fabric for. This week I wore three and made two!

Will aim for more variety next week but as I am sat here in my new Frieda Kahlo Scarps Sorbetto don’t hold your breath!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

11 responses

  1. What a great week of garments! I particularly love your white bird Sureau dress. And Charlie the cat. Very cute 🙂


  2. What a fab week you’ve had, you really have a lovely wardrobe! I need to make more Sorbettos too, I’ve only ever made one real one and one PJ top.
    PS, I have the exact same shoes as the ones you’re wearing on Day 13! x


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