Sureau kicks off the new season

I am ridiculously proud of this dress – a colleague actually asked me “Is your dress from White Stuff?” However, looking at the photos (courtesy of one of my Y10 – I really am going to have to investigate the decent camera and tripod option) it does appear to be a little bit baggy across the top.


This is my first Deer and Doe pattern and the Sureau was really lovely to sew. I particularly like the false placket (five months ago I didn’t even know what a placket was). By the way, do you like my necklace? It is a treasured possession of mine. It belonged to my mum – there is a matching bracelet. It was given to her in the early 1950s and apparently came from Austria.

image  I followed the really helpful Sew-a-long on :: paunnet :: including clear instructions for a SBA – it’s apparent from the photos that I could have taken off even more but I was obviously in denial about quite how small my bust is!


I was also pleased to have learned how to insert a side zip. It is incredibly satisfying to learn new things and whilst I haven’t been sewing for long I can see that there are so many techniques to learn and the perfect that I am going to be happily ensconced at my machine for hours.


The obligatory back shot – the dress is quite rumpled because I had been perched atop my desk for most of the morning. Sorry about the uninspiring background i.e. the flats which overlook the school – we do have lovely grounds but both I and my willing photographer felt a little self-conscious so snuck around the back of a teaching block to take these shots.

Well, I love this dress and plan to make a couple more.  It is wonderfully comfortable and will lend itself to layering as the season rolls on.  I am going to try and find some needle cord for the next one – any fabric suggestions for me? Enjoy the day – hopefully another one of those gorgeous late summer days that make you feel you have to savour every moment.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

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