Dressing for the occasion . . . . . And the occasion is KATE BUSH!

Hello, I did give myself the option to not always blog about my sewing and this post is my first deviation so please forgive me if you were only wanting to hear about my dressmaking – this one is costume related if that is any consolation. image Last night I went to see Kate Bush. I was ridiculously excited and thought it was only right and proper that I dress up for the occasion.  A few weeks ago I came across this glorious dress in a vintage fair in Chichester Assembly Rooms – you can’t see it in the photos but it has a thigh high slash and a plunging back. image The feather covered cuffs were great fun. Just look at how I am shoving out my chest to try and fill the dress (the design meant I had to go braless which is never going to be a good look for someone like me). image I accessorised the dress with a bag bought for me by dear friends for a big birthday – it is a great bag with embroidery depicting a couture dress shop and the reverse showing dress form, scissors, pincushion etc image image The concert … It was magical!  I have loved Kate since Wuthering Heights.  I found it so emotional at the start of the concert that as soon as she started singing I had tears rolling down my face.  I am becoming increasingly nostalgic as I get older and feel so privileged to have lived through such brilliant times.  I was sat next to a fan from Sweden who had come over just for the concert. She said it was a 30th birthday present to herself – she wasn’t even born when when Kate Bush started recording.  There are no photos of the event ( the guy in front of me was removed for taking pictures). The stage shot is from before it started. image image I went to a “sumptuous picnic” beforehand in the gloriously gothic setting of  the church opposite – it was the only way I could get a ticket – by buying a ridiculously expensive hospitality package.  However, the food was gorgeous. image image I really enjoyed dressing up for this event – clothes have the power to make us feel magical. However, I think the Chelsea supporters I encountered on the District Line  thought me more than a little eccentric! image I promise a sewing post for the weekend – my Sureau!

Toodle pip,


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  1. I am so incredibly jealous. The dress, Kate Bush, the setting… Especially since Kate Bush won’t be coming to the U.S. anytime soon. I may have to just keep coming back to this post for a little mental vacation. Thanks for sharing — it’s all just so lovely.

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