Two birds, one stone and a bit of a bonkers dress

October has been a great month for me – I love having an Autumn birthday and this year I had not one but two sewing challenges.  Thanks to my blog devouring activities I had read about the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge  which I thought was a really fun idea.   At about the same time I volunteered myself as a pattern tester, to give a beginner’s perspective, for Lou Lou – a new pattern from English Girl at Home.  As both had October deadlines I decided to combine the two – this was possibly not such a wise decision.


I immediately started to look for suitable fabric.  I was very excited to find this rather funky design called Cheeky Black Cat from Textiles Francais – whilst this fulfilled the brief for the Cat Lady Challenge it was far too structured for the Lou Lou which is meant to be floaty and drape beautifully.


However, I thought the 60s style A-line shift would work well with the fabric and that I might look a little bit like Samantha from Bewitched.

image     Sadly, I was wrong.image

I have to confess that I haven’t done the dress justice at all.  It is fully lined with a funky little piece below the dress itself .  Colour matching the lining with the little balls of wool the cat is playing with still couldn’t create the feline grace I had hoped for.

However, it was a fun make  – one of my colleagues asked if it was my Halloween outfit – which was not quite the reaction I was expecting!

And back to the Cat Lady element: this is my lovely cat Tambo – the latest in a long line of black cats: Leo, Flynn, Scout, Puffin, Jude and a highly aloof tortoiseshell Serafina Pekkelaimage

Many thanks to Miss Crayola Creepy for setting up a fun challenge and to Charlotte for giving me my first shot at pattern testing.

Toodle pip,