A week of firsts and a trio of Dahlias

My pink sewing journal has recorded a lot of firsts during the early days of January and I am feeling rather pleased!



I went fabric shopping in Brighton for the first time and thanks to Ditto Fabrics I have increased my stash which was paltry compared to others I have seen.  I loved having a jolly good rummage and I can see how addictive it could become.  Anyway, having said in my last post that I thought sewing with denim was a bit of a challenge for me, I DID actually go ahead and buy some which has led to further firsts: sewing with a denim needle and using topstitch thread.  I know this probably seems rather dull to some of the more experienced sewistas but if you are fairly new to the sewing, you will appreciate my trepidation and excitement – hopefully I will be able to blog my denim outfit in due course but here is a taster of my fabric and facing combination – look familiar?!


The doggie fabric is for a shirt which I will wear with black twill Ultimate trousers – once I have made them that is. The polka dot is for a skirt and as for the bird fabric – who knows? It just looked so sweet I couldn’t resist it. Any suggestions for one metre? Whilst in Brighton I also saw this amazing display in All Saints – 200 antique sewing machines: I counted them!


The overlocker has finally been used on a garment – shock, horror.  When did I get it? October maybe? Anyway, I am tinkering about with Tilly’s Megan (sounds rude doesn’t it?) which has been a WIP abandoned from about August. I’m still making slow progress.

I never sleep well the night before the return to school so when I was wide awake at 2am I decided to read some blogs, as you do, and saw this absolutely cracking dress from Dolly Clackett.  I have to admit I shamelessly immediately bought the fabric and pattern – Paypal makes everything too easy – and intend to make one for myself for my niece’s wedding in April.  What do you think?  Stunning.

And lastly, we had another sewing bee at work.  Six of us were supposed to take part but Christmas is a busy time and not every one finished.  Here are three of the Dahlias – without exception we all had problems with excessive fabric at the neckline and had to make significant adjustments.  I do love Liz’s version  – the plaid.


So, lots of things on the go at the moment but nothing quite finished as yet!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

Efficient, no-nonsense but with a hint of fun …

. . . although not if you can see the waistband! I really enjoyed a recent post from Sewn By Elizabeth where she shared her thoughts on a free pattern – a good idea for a number of reasons, not least of which is getting something for free.   I found it hard to believe that she knocked up a fully lined skirt in half an hour but it really is a very straightforward make so three cheers for Sewloft Karina Skirt and for Elizabeth. image   This was my second ever knit piece and although I felt happier with the walking foot, twin needling has still eluded me.  I bought the fabric on EBAY and initially thought I had a bargain for £5.99 but realise it was just an end of roll remnant and perhaps I had been less canny than I thought. image I cut a medium which sits fine on my hips but the waist seems huge – I know it has to be able to wiggle over my bottom but it then almost sits apart from like a hoopla hoop.  I suspect I have completely misunderstood the elastic instructions. It looks fine with a shirt on the outside but I would prefer a more snug fit around the waist.  I was slightly anxious that it might actually wriggle itself down but my sturdy backside held it in place. image So, today was Back to School for the students although we have been there since Monday.  The whole time was spent with my new form and I wanted to convey an air of authority  – hence the choice of my grey skirt but with the hint that I might actually have a fun side by teaming it with my Bees shirt.  Do you think this outfit would have achieved my aim? image Really looking forward to One Week One Pattern – still don’t know how to get an icon or post on Pinterest so any  advice gratefully received.