A PW to share

Hello all, hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend.


As a runner I got very used to talking about and striving for a PB (personal best) – by co-incidence I got my marathon PB eight years ago this weekend in Edinburgh. As well as the successes there were bad runs and I spent a lot of time discussing my PWs (personal worst). Well, today I have a sewing PW to share.


Of late, I have been going for quick fix tops – I had decided to halt this trend and ordered some fabric from Fabric Godmother to make up a Pretty Woman style dress but that won’t arrive until next week. So, in order to fit in a bit of sewing before the family descended, I decided to sew up the Sew Over It cami. I bought the kit complete with silk fabric with foxes at the knitting and stitching show. However, in the morning I saw a blog post from Saturday Night Stitch who had just used her precious Nani Iro so I decided to use mine.


Last year it seemed everyone was talking about this beautiful fabric so I bought an off cut from Guthrie and Ghani – just under a metre. This was the first of my bad decisions and bad sewing. I didn’t have quite enough so had to patch a sliver at the back – super sloppy. Then, as my overlocker is still sans needle, I decided to pink the facing – this fabric frays like crazy – I fully expect the top to disintegrate by the end of the summer.


Finally, there must be some trick to sewing the curved hem – of which I am unaware – so it sits neatly. And on the fit front it stands proud,  i.e. away fron my chest!


I’ve got no excuse. I was just rushing and being slovenly and frankly both Nani Iro and SOI deserve better. I did wear it out yesterday for a lovely walk with the family – think I will definitely be hand washing it rather than risk the machine.

Anyway, hope you are all having a lovely BH weekend,


Toodle pip,

Clarinda x


8 responses

  1. Despite everything I still think it looks great – can you cheat and get some fraycheck, go over all of your pinked edges – then it won’t disintegrate. I have trouble with curve edges, I understitch and then clip the seam allowance then use lots of steam with a hot iron – and I still struggle!!!! If you find the magix answer let me know!!


  2. Glad to see you have another under canvas shot! I’ve been inspecting the Nano Iro skirt I made a while back and clearly the fabric did fray like mad because I’ve finished the seams by turning the edges under and zig zagging them and I did the hem with bias binding. I’ve only worn it a couple of times and it does tend to ‘seat’ so the fabric obviously tends to give a bit which, as Jennifer says, could have led to the neckline stretching. It is such lovely fabric so I hope you do get some wear out of this top.


  3. I do love your fabric choice for the top and it is so pretty on you. I am wondering- did you stay stitch the curved seam of the neckline before you sewed it? I know that sometimes a sheer fabric will stretch, on the bias of the neckline. I bet that it is fixable, perhaps with a bit of stay tape if you do decide to fix it. Thanks for being honest and sharing.


  4. Aw man that super sucks when you get a project like that! Is it possible to put a small dart in the front somewhere to try and bring the proudness (I have no idea the proper word to use there!!!) in a touch? In terms of curved hems I overlock the raw edge then make a single fold and steam the hell out of the fold before stitching. I do really love the fabric though and surely a cardi will hide all noted issues? Xx


  5. I love your fabric, really pretty, the only tip I’ve heard re sewing curved seams is clip, clip and clip 🙂 I’m getting to like sewing these little summer tops, just hope we have enough summer to wear them!


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