Sewing is my happy place

Hello dear sewing chums,

It has been seven long weeks since my last post.  A number of blogs I have read give an apology after a break saying that “life got in the way” or something similar; I fully appreciate that and YAY for “life” anyway.  I recently read Roisin’s blog post  (aka fabulous Dolly Clackett) and in the first paragraph she says that she is not apologising for her break  but that it feels weird not to comment on the fact there has been an absence.  I sort of feel exactly the same so this is my bridge post before normal service resumes!


Well, sewing is my happy place and to be perfectly frank, I have not been happy; I have been utterly miserable. Sometimes I know it’s good to lose your worries in a hobby but I made the decision not to pollute my happy place and have kept away from the sewing machine; I have barely commented on my favourite blogs or posted on my instagram.  Can you imagine what any garments might have looked like if they had reflected my mood!

I don’t plan to bore you with the details – nobody died. But for those of you who appreciate a metaphor, I have been unwillingly engaged in a game of chess with three ferocious opponents whose skill, cunning and utter lack of integrity led to a very swift checkmate; defeat has been a crushing blow.

On the plus side, I am about to start a sewacation and that is really good. I abandoned not one but two workshops at Sew Over it over the last six weeks.  My mint flamingo blouse is looking rather forlorn at the moment but at least it got started which is more than can be said for the cigarette pants! So, those are my first two WIPs to tackle. I have booked a workshop for November to make the Francine jacket which I am really looking forward to.  I have it in mind to make a maxi skirt suit in tweed which I think could be really something (and possibly slightly eccentric). Over at Bimble and Pimble I am looking forward to SEWVEMBER which is a sewing photo everyday challenge .  I took part last year and it was a great way to get lots of inspiration from other sewistas. Finally on the positives, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Red W Sews – a bloggers award for those with less than 200 followers.  This is very humbling as well as exciting.  I need to do a separate blog post for my acceptance speech so watch this space!

Oh, and I had another birthday and the beautiful framed embroidery at the top of this post was a present from my dear friend Ali (in fact it was one of a number of lovely sewing gifts and I am going to do a separate post about that too). Ali is madly into vintage and charity shops and this was one of her finds – can you imagine anyone just giving away such a personal piece of work.  I will treasure it and plan to hang it in my sewing corner. I will take a photo once it is in situ  – I need to do some dusting and blow the cobwebs away first!

Well, that’s it for now – I am looking forward to getting back into the groove.  If you have read this far then thank you for indulging me with this rather cathartic post – it’s been like therapy. As it’s been such a personal post I have posted a couple of piccies at the end of me and James Bond taken on my birthday last week – I am even older than the Bond Girl!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!


Dress from ENVY Arundel

Dress from ENVY Arundel

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x



32 responses

  1. It’s lovely to have you back and I hope that things are looking up for you. I love the embroidery too – what a lovely gift! I’m hoping to make the meet up at The Fabric Godmother too. What time are you hoping to go? It would be lovely to finally meet you!


  2. Happy birthday! I’m so sorry that you have been having a rotten time. I really hope that some time spent sewing lifts your mood and at least takes your mind off things for a bit. Have fun at the fabric godmother meet up – i have an exam that weekend so will have to miss it this time 😦


  3. Good to have you back. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Is that what they say? Hope you’ve sorted your head out from the fall out of whatever happened. A complete break was a good idea. Then one doesn’t get polluted with the other.


  4. Sounds like all the nasty chess pieces needed chucking out the window! Glad to hear you’ve come through the other side. Happy birthday for last week, you look stunning in your frock with Mr Bond, a very handsome couple. Looking forward to hearing what you’re up to now you’re getting back into your groove 😃


  5. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been involved in such a horrible game of chess. All I can say is that that game is now finished – just start a fresh game with as much of a spring in your step as you can muster. I think getting your teeth back into a sewing project will help a lot, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the Francine jacket. Remember, we’ll all be cheering you on! x
    Happy belated birthday too, you and your fella look super glamorous! xx


    • Thanks Jane – really looking forward to change and getting excited about my Sewcation. Funny how the other half is usually dismissive of all blog/Instagram activities yet when he features, he suddenly becomes very interested!


  6. Sorry to read that you’ve been having a bad time, but totally understand you not wanting to pollute your happy space. Hope things get sorted eventually for the better and stay strong! Great to have you back 🙂


  7. Good to read you again! Don’t worry about us, we are like greedy cuckoos, gobbling up all these sewing blogs – you and your family are your priority. Take care x


  8. I feel like a blog stalker when I notice someone is missing but put your absence down to term times not realising how long. People can be horrid but you have lovely friends to gift you and your dashing OH you do look wonderful together. Looking forward to your next creations K xXx


  9. Fab to see you back. You’ve been missed. Thrashing around in the pit of despair is not a great place to be (I’ve been a frequent visitor). Looking forwards to seeing you new sewing projects. Fiona.


  10. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a challenging time, it is good to see you back. You look stunning in that dress. I can’t believe someone gave away that embroidery, it is so lovely. What a great find! Are you going to the Fabric Godmother’s next open day on the 7th?


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