A floral Anna and some funky shoes

Last day of the holidays guys – boo hoo. Anyway, hello and how are you?


I find I am getting a lot of inspiration via Instagram these days and today’s post is about one of them.  I have seen Liberty Carline on numerous blogs but when I saw Rebecca’s Kim dress I knew I had to make one. I tracked down the fabric on EBAY and bought two metres for a reasonable price (end of roll, seconds – can’t remember) and it sat patiently waiting in my stash for me to get round to it. This was during my KIM phase.



Following the success of my By Hand London Anna, I decided I would make the Carline up into an Anna (still love my Kim’s but Summer is slipping by) and had a little vote on my instagram as to whether I should go short or maxi – it was close but I went with short as I thought I would get more wear out of it. I am pleased with the result but sort of wish I had made the maxi after all – Love the drama!

imageSo, what to say about this Anna? Just to reiterate what everyone has already said – it is a superb pattern. It is SO straight forward to make up as the little cap sleeves are just part of the bodice – no bias binding or tricky facings for me to sew in upside down. The clever little pleats just under the boobies to provide shaping are really excellent and made this fairly flat chested person look as if she had some curves. Finally, the seven gored skirt panel is a triumph if like me you are sometimes rounder in the tum area!  I don’t know how but it just seems to skim the body in  a flattering way, easily adapted to the extra half a stone I have put on and still feel comfortable.


I did think about putting in an exposed zip but once I had decided to go with the shorter length, I thought I would keep it a bit more subtle for school.  The dress had its first outing on GCSE results day, worn with a cream cardi (not the one in the picture below as that is a bit fluffy and glam) and was perfect.


If you follow me on IG, you will know I have just come back from my first ever cruise (am mentally planning a post on this so won’t say more now) and wore my frock one of the evenings. Sorry the photo is not great – the combination of swaying ship and endless booze did not make for a steady hand.  Can you see my feet?


A couple of days before we left, I went shopping in Chichester thinking to myself that I would try to get a pair of pink shoes (actually to go with my Flamingo Dress) in the last knockings of the sale. Who on earth would have thought I would ever stumble across anything so glorious.  I can confirm they are very comfortable to wear, go well with both  dresses and compel absolute strangers to stare at your feet (hopefully in awe but possibly not; Mr CK thinks they are diabolical).


Today I will be mustering myself into return to work mode.  I have booked two further workshops at Sew Over It in Clapham which will be on the next six consecutive Wednesdays so I am looking forward to sharing the details of those with you – hoping not to get too stressed this time!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x



27 responses

  1. Ooo! Your dress is gorgeous! And I agree that the shorter length is a bit more practical. I finally succumbed to this fabric too last week, and ordered some, but I haven’t got it yet.


    • Hi Lynne, are you going to make one of your FAB shirt dresses with it? I finished a little blouse with the scraps yesterday (not a Sorbetto!) and used some green buttons which go really well – you could have them if they will suit whatever you decide to make. Thanks for you lovely comments.


  2. Such a pretty dress! I really like the length. I have this pattern so I must get round to making this dress, especially if it’s flattering for a round tummy!


  3. Firstly fabulous shoes, though I am amazed you could stand upright in heels on a boat. I know I’d have fallen over! But wow the dress is awesome. The print and Anna go so well together. I know what you mean about missing the drama of the maxi skirt. But it is lovely this length and I bet you wear it more than you would if it was maxi length. Well done. Smashing dress.


  4. Enjoyed reading your description of the design features of this, not a design I’ve tried, but like you I’ve heard nothing but good about it. The Liberty print looks great in it and great shoes, although your husband’s comment made me smile! They never ‘get it’ do they? 😉


  5. Beautiful dress, fabulous shoes!! I can’t wait to hear more about the cruise, i always thought i eould hate to go on one but yours looked/sounded like fun!


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