Vintage Workshop week two and a bit of a Glitch!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine?  I did wonder if everyone’s sewing output would decrease during the summer but it seems the opposite  – I can hardly keep up with my blog feed with all of the new makes which is BRILLIANT – daily inspiration!

Last week I wrote quite chirpily about my first session at the Vintage Shirtdress workshop at Sew Over it – blogged here. I commented, with exclamation, that I certainly wasn’t a size 8 which the toile indicated.  Well dear reader, it is true… I am not a size 8 and that’s why I felt so dis-spirited at my class on Tuesday. Having completed my homework diligently, the bodice barely met across my (flat) chest so I knew that it would not cope with the seam allowances for button bands/facings etc.

My dress pinned on after the alterations - I've chopped my head off because I was not looking happy!

My dress pinned on after the alterations – I’ve chopped my head off because I was not looking happy!

When I arrived at the class others were in the same position.  Full marks to our teacher Julie who remained calm and professional throughout  – instead of joining in with the “how could this have happened?” wailing, she focused entirely on what needed to be done to put things right.  For me, this involved unpicking and then re-sewing the seam allowances on bodice and skirt etc.  I was really gutted because my fabric is Liberty and as you know, it’s not cheap.  Anyway, a salvage was achieved and we all went on to enjoy the chatter, tea and cake as per usual.

The lovely shell buttons I bought this week to go with my frock

The lovely shell buttons I bought this week to go with my frock

Post the workshop, we all received a lovely email from Lisa who explained what had happened.  It was clear that the issue had been investigated thoroughly and we have all been offered a replacement pattern and some fabric (the toiles had stretched so please don’t worry if you have bought a pattern).  I think this is the mark of a great business – how it deals with complaints.  Actually, everyone in sewing is so lovely that I don’t think anyone actually complained – we just looked a bit sad!

I only really managed to add the collar on Tuesday  – I can’t quite see how it is all going to fit with the facing because it looks inside out to me but the redoubtable Julie assures me it is correct!


Anyway, just before I go, I wanted to show you how I cheered myself up.  I made myself a little something with the leftovers … can you guess what it is?!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

Yet another Sorbetto!

Yet another Sorbetto!

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  2. I don’t think they’ve fully worked out some of the issues with the second shop. I had some trouble at a class. I was pleased I stuck it out because I almost walked out during a class and in the end my sew worked out. I have liked Lisa when I met her and the staff are nice, but weren’t organised for my classes which made for a stressful and uncomfortable workshop. That was after they had just opened and there is a lot I like about what they’re doing there, so I guess for me I’m on the fence about trying again.
    I’m glad your dress was saved and that they sorted things out for you.

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  3. Your dress is going to be beautiful. It’s all part of the joys of sewing when things go pear shaped and need sorting out but preferably with cheaper fabric not Liberty! Loving your new addition to the biggest collection of Sorbettos on the planet!!! xx


    • Thanks – I wore it to work with a pair of cream trousers and black jacket and it looked really nice. I have read on a blog this week that someone has 18 Anna dresses so I’m clearly not the only one who becomes besotted with a pattern!


  4. A girl can not have too much of a good thing, in your case sorbettos! I guessed too! Hope you dress all works out, and bonus more fabric for another, which means spare fabric and another sorbetto!! 😀

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