Knitting and Stitching Show and a grumpy CK

Hello all, hope your weekend is going well?

I am going to be completely upfront and say I have had a really horrid week at work because, well basically because, I work with incompetent, spiteful morons. Ooh, you’d think it would feel better getting that off my chest but no … I’m still cross!


The only reason why I’ve said that is because it might have affected my view of The Knitting and Stitching Show. I was SO looking forward to it but left feeling distinctly underwhelmed. It’s the first show of its kind I’ve been to since I’ve become passionate about sewing. I had imagined it would be like the Ideal Home Show exhibitions in their 1970s heyday. I anticipated returning laden down with freebies, giveaways, samples, literature, offers etc. but no: Love Sewing Magazine and a metre of jersey stripe (suggestions of what to make anyone?) was my total haul.


I did see one of the BHL girls – the patterns looked beautiful all stacked together on the shelves. I was going to say thanks for the excellent Kim sewalong which I am currently sewingalong with but she was busy with a paying customer so I didn’t interrupt. I did get to say Hi to the ladies at the Badger and Earl stand. I am doing a workshop with them next Sunday to make the Mortmain dress. It was good to see one made up. The ironic thing is that one of the features of the dress is it’s dramatic exposed back zip which … I’m not sure I like – I think I might end up putting in an invisible one!

Bodice completed just the skirt to go

Bodice completed just the skirt to go

So, perhaps it was my mood that made me think everything looked a bit tired – a sad man wandering around pushing a 1970s domestic carpet cleaner didn’t help. If you are going, I hope you have fun.

It was nice to have two of my makes featured on Lauren’s Guthrie and Ghani blog round up this week and this weekend I hope to do a bit more on my Flamingo Kim but mainly it’s preparation for an interview I have on Monday – fingers crossed.



Finally, something good to end the weeks – clogs!


Toodle pip,

Clarinda x




16 responses

  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I have that flamingo fabric in my stash and I’m waiting for the warmer weather to make a 50’s style dress out of it! I’m not sure I can wait that long after drooling over yours! I hope this week brightens up for you!


  2. When we seem to spend most of our daylight hours at work it is so hard not to bring those feelings home again. They say you can’t choose your family but neither can you choose your work colleagues! Just remember you are only here once so don’t put up with a depressing situation. I have a friend who constantly complains about her work life but is not brave enough to do anything about it. Hopefully your interview is a step in the right direction.
    You must tell me where you got your flamingo fabric from. I need some.


  3. Those clogs must make up for a lot!!! I saw the box being delivered and wondered who they were for 🙂 all the best for Monday.


  4. Sorry to hear about your week – I’ve been out most of the week so no clues. Hope this sunny weekend makes things seem better. Looking forward to seeing your flamingo dress! I’m working on a very easy shift dress which currently looks a bit like a sack x


  5. Oh I am sorry you have had an awful week and that the sewing and knitting show wasn’t that great (I have never been to one of these shows either). On the plus side spring is finally here, you have an interview (so hopefully won’t have to put up with the morons for much longer), some of your amazing makes are on the guthrie and ghani blog, your BHL kim dress looks like it is going to be totally fabulous – and you have new new clogs! Sending happy vibes your way!


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