Dotty Delectable Delphine

This is my first skirt and I know already that I will be making lots more. It is SO practical – I can see this becoming a real staple for work but there is also scope to dress it up/down too. image In fact, I did try to dress it up and tried it on with these cute shoes I bought for a wedding three years ago and haven’t worn since.  Needless to say, they are not going to be worn with my Delphine because it was just too polka-dotastic and I looked ridiculous! imageBack to the skirt (although it is always nice to look at shoes). This is the Delphine from Love at First Stitch by super-talented Tilly.  This is my third Tilly make now and I am really impressed with her clear instructions, lots of photos and simplicity of design.  I am also a straight size 4 and for someone who is still not confident with fitting this suits me fine.image Although I am really pleased with it – there are a number of things I would do differently next time – to be honest there are a number of things I should do to this skirt to improve it but I am eager to get onto the next thing – as per usual.  I am looking forward to achieving the wisdom and patience that the more experienced sewistas have. image OK – here is my list of boo boos – it never occurred to me to try and wriggle the fabric around a bit so that my seams didn’t slice off half a dot making it look like this.  I thought with a pattern it wouldn’t notice but it does (and at the waistband too), I also, and it’s the second time I have done this, not bought an invisible zip when I thought I had.  I stupidly decided to insert it just as if it were an invisible zip but got into a right mess with the end which was exposed so there is another bodge job involving a bit of hand sewing. image You will recall from my Denim Sureau that I am now an expert at top-stitching (!) so I decided to add it to my Delphine even though there is no requirement. You can see the fabric a little clearer.  It is a lovely cotton which has a look of linen and I bought it on my first fabric shop of the year at Ditto Fabrics. image The big excitement for me this week is that I begin my four week course at Sew Over It to make a 1960’s coat.  I am already thinking this is too ambitious but it was my Christmas present and I am looking forward to learning some new techniques and meeting some fellow sewing enthusiasts.  I am planning to blog my weekly progress so do drop by again to see how I am getting on. Toodle pip, Clarinda x

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  1. I love love love this skirt! I’m a big fan of polka dots. I would probably chop the dots off like you did – you’d have to take seam allowances into account which would ache my brain, haha… I think it looks fab regardless of the half dots! A normal person wouldn’t notice it 🙂

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  2. It looks really stylish – love the polka dots. Like NavyBlueThreads says, I wouldn’t worry about pattern matching too much. If you hadn’t made it, I doubt that your eye would have been drawn to it. How do you rate Tilly’s book? I wasn’t planning to get it but the more I see these lovely skirts and dresses, I’m wondering if I should!

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    • I think you should – it is really good value with five patterns and not all scrunched together like Burda. Lots of really helpful hints and tips but also a very conversational style so it’s actually quite nice to read in bed.


      • Yeah I would second that plus there loads of wee tips everywhere that really help to make each garment. Plus each pattern has variation suggestions too 🙂


  3. It looks great! I haven’t been to Ditto for a couple of months and so when I pop in I shall be looking out for that fabric, it’s lovely! Pattern matching can be a pain but it is worth it in the end. I have made so many mistakes along the way that now I think about it automatically! This fabric is quite busy so I don’t think it stands out anyway!
    I must mention those adorable shoes too…

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  4. Your skirt is great, and I love the polka dot fabric. I’m a big fan of Tilly’s patterns, but haven’t tried this one yet. Good luck with your coat sewing class!


  5. Despite your list for improvements, this looks great on you. I think pattern matching is needed for some patterns more than others. It’s a matter of working out what you’re happy to live with I guess. When you start to examine RTW items more closely, they rarely bother, possibly with exception of stripes. A great make! I’ve had loads of wear out of my Delphines 🙂

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