Weekday Knitting

I have been able to knit since a young age and I go through phases of being madly into it and then not doing anything for a good couple of years. I was certainly having a dry spell but since I’ve started sewing and reading blogs I have been inspired by a number of sewistas who finish off their handmade clothes with a funky little cardigan and so I have gotten into it again. I have a number of WIP but did want to show you a little lace beanie I made which has had SO much wear already. I found the pattern in KNIT magazine.


I really needed to concentrate on the lacy pattern so I couldn’t really knit whilst I watched TV so it was pretty much completed on my commute. It was my first experience of circular needles and I have become a huge fan and now knit using them even when the pattern doesn’t need circular needles.


The wool is Sublime cashmere merino silk dk – I have already bought another 100g in an inky blue to knit another as this one has proved to be super versatile.


Worn on my birthday for a walk across the South Downs – this is the lunch stop – champagne in a beaker.


Selfie on the beach with the family in Gand background

Selfie on the beach with the family in the background


I tend to knit every day on the tube and train into work. I keep my WIP in  this little bag I made during my first workshop at a Clothkits – I have had some odd looks when I open my Mulberry and pull out my knitting. I am currently working on a variety of squares to make a blanket for my daughter.


On the sewing front, I just wanted to share a little peak of how my lace dress is coming along.

Week two of four at Sew a Over It lace dress workshop

Week two of four at Sew a Over It lace dress workshop

And finally, I am LOVING Sewvember – so many interesting glimpses on a daily basis. Have a peek on Instagram at #bpsewvember. So much inspiration; so little time.

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x



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  1. I am SO gutted. I never read to the bottom of that post as I soon realised I would never be able to make a bra so didn’t know about the meet up and I would have loved to have met some of the sewistas who have inspired me. I look forward to hearing all about it in your next post. Have fun x

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    • This will make you chuckle – i wear one too! you can see it in many of my pics. Also, just wondering if you were going to Goldhawk Rd tomorrow for the meet-up? Details in Lladybird’s latest post.


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