First trousers and a lovely day at Sew Over It

I had a really fun day yesterday at Sew Over It sewing cafe in Clapham where under the expert guidance of a lovely lady called Julie, I managed to make a pair of Ultimate Trousers which I have worn today, are comfortable and fit me!


The studio is great and I would highly recommend taking a class there if you can get to Clapham. Tea was available throughout the day and elevenses included gorgeous handmade cupcakes. The studio was super girly, bright pink stairs, pin cushions in China cups and saucers etc. There was also a wonderful selection of fabric.



I had bought my fabric the week before,  black cotton twill, but when I saw all the lovely fabrics  on display I changed my mind.  I made my trousers up in a moss green polka dot cotton (and bought more fabric for two future projects – I really am beginning to see how sewistas can easily build up a significant stash.


I thought it was brilliant that they already had a number of toiles to try on to check your fit. We double checked the fit after we had cut out – I needed a slight alteration at the back. Rather annoyingly I didn’t mark it on my pattern at the time and now I can’t remember it.

image image

The best thing of all was that I finally got to use an overlocker. I loved it. I’ve looked at EBAY but there doesn’t seem to be many floating about. I do have a birthday later this month so perhaps I could go for the combined birthday/Christmas gift approach. What do you think – do the benefits justify the cost?


So it’s been a really satisfying weekend on the sewing front – made and wore my trousers  (photos taken at Elmer beach – what an absolutely glorious day it’s been) and this afternoon I have been busy making a rather bonkers dress but that is for next time.


Toodle pip,



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  3. Oooh cute trews, and I love your matching shoes!
    On the overlocker front, I do have one and I do love it… when I get around to using it. Sometimes I just find my regular machine easier/ can’t be bothered to thread it in the right colour (so I am in that situation where I need to use my overlocker more to get used to it, but as my sewing time is limited I don’t want to spend that time learning how to use it properly, even though it will probably save me time when I have sussed it…). So, yes it it worth it, but it is probably even more worth it if you put aside an afternoon, a few bits of practice fabric and the manual!


    • The pattern is really easy – 4 pieces: 2 legs and 2 facings. There were five people who ranged from size 12 to size 20 – all had trousers which fitted them by 5pm. The pattern seems very cleverly designed to suit most people. Good luck with yours – my to-make list is becoming unmanageable!

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