Secrets of the Sari

This week I really enjoyed reading Scruffy Badger’s post about how she had used a sari to make a beautiful dress;  that gave me the idea of writing a post about  some of the secrets of the sari. So, although it is not about my sewing, it is an appreciation of the beauty of fabric, drape and clever stitching.


At the beginning of the month I was invited to attend a ball which had the theme of Last Days of the Raj.  I asked my good friend Uzma if she would consider lending me her sari – I thought she would give me an old sari which could withstand some boisterous behaviour and a jig along to Oasis.  Imagine my surprise when she gave me one of her favourite saris – it was peacock blue, patterned with gold thread and absolutely gorgeous.

With my friend Sue - pre the dancing

With my friend Sue – pre the dancing

I was very worried about how I would be able to get it to stay on; I had always thought that modesty was maintained by some extremely efficient wrapping/folding/twisting method.  How wrong I was.  The sari is carefully constructed so that it hangs beautifully and is very secure.


One edge is weighted with a heavier fabric/lining and there are pleats actually sewn onto the band which give it a beautiful, drape.  There are hook and eye fastenings along with press studs which mean the whole thing is constructed to sit nicely on your waist and all you have to worry about is the throw over the shoulder.  I am sure any regular sari wearers reading this will smile at my simplistic explanation but I really did think it was a genius idea.


I LOVED wearing the sari – it was so elegant and the vibrancy of the colour and pattern really was beautiful.

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  2. I hope I just left my reply?
    In case it didn’t work I had said how much I’ve enjoyed reading your more recent makes ( ESP moneta). Also have really enjoyed reading about your beautiful sari and what you found out about it. Happy blogging!!!


  3. Hello!! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to visit- time has not been on my side. But I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the posts made after this ( loved your moneta) and it was really interesting to read about the sari and what you have found out and how you’ve worn it. Well done on getting blogging!!


  4. When I attended a very upscale Halloween party for some of the elite of Portland, Oregon, I wanted to be authentic and elegant, so I went with a traditional sari.

    For weeks, I researched how to make one and visited many of our local Indian import stores for ideas. I ended up having a special choli and skirt imported from the UK just for me so I could alter them but I made the rest myself. I was taught how to wrap it the traditional way by an Indian grandmother who has dressed many Indian brides for their weddings. If you use the old techniques, it’s always a perfect fit.

    I got a lot of compliments that night but it was a bitch going up and down dimly lit stairs in that thing.


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