A Sorbetto and the start of the Arundel Festival

Today is the start of the Arundel Festival, an extravaganza of music, art, drama and some general silliness. I thought I would try and wear some of my recent makes to the festival for some location shots and then blog about them (my sewing is going well but the blogging less so – there are so many things I don’t know how to do!).

Colette Patterns Sorbetto was one of my first makes and I love the pattern – it is so straight forward for a beginner like myself but still has an air of sophisticated chic about it (or am I just kidding myself?).



This is actually my second Sorbetto; I cut a 10 on the bust, graduated to a 12 on the hips and added a little bit to the overall length.  The fabric is a lovely Liberty lawn which I bought from Clothkits in their sale of discontinued designs.

Is this what people call 'swayback'?

Is this what people call ‘swayback’?

I adore this print – it is so pretty and versatile. The creams/oranges work well with a neutral palette but then the various shades of blue go so well with denim as you can see here. This is the monthly Farmers Market in the town square and today helped to kick off the festivities.



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