A little lull between two Susies

Hello dear sewing chums,

Well, it’s been a while …  When I started my blog I did say I would write about other things but as it is only fellow sewists who read I won’t force other stuff on you! But, just in case you’re interested, I have started my mountain leader training which means doing lots of long walks at the weekend and less time for sewing. I was actually thinking about starting up a blog linked to my walking. Anyway, just before I started walking, I made a lovely Susie blouse by Sew Over It.


My word – what an absolutely gorgeous pattern – I am surprised I have not seen more Susies on the blogosphere. It just goes over the head – very handy for someone who can’t use her buttonholer! The collar makes it really quite smart enough to wear with a suit for work but its lose tunic style also goes well with jeans.


I made this up in a straight 12 in gorgeous Liberty tana lawn which I bought in Cloth Kits – beautiful flowers are arranged whimsically in an old fashioned milk bottle. However, to be honest, it’s quite big on me.


There are three sleeve lengths – I went for short.  I have worn it for work a few times – it is light and airy and looks good with both trousers and skirts.


I immediately cut out another and then the lull ensued. This was at Easter and I haven’t sewn anything since. However, with all the excitement surrounding the Great British Sewing Bee I have found my inspiration to get sewing again AND I managed to complete my blouse today.


I decide to make up a size 10 but grade out to 12 around the middle for my mumtum. I also kept the neck opening as a size 12 as I didn’t want to be having to wriggle in and out of it and I think I’ve got it right. I cut out the three quarter sleeve length but then used the length to make little cuffs; I thought that with such a nice collar a straight forward hemmed sleeved looked a little unbalanced.


I am really chuffed with the fabric.  It is called Vinyl Vacation by Alexander Henry and I bought it at the Knitting and Stitching Show in March.  I also bought another AH fabric whilst I was there which is completely bonkers.  I am now thinking that perhaps I should make that up into another Susie – what do you think?

Don't even ask me what I am going to do with this - I also bought some fine black wool to "tone it down" a bit

It felt really good to be sewing again – I was rushing to try and get it finished so that I could wear it out this afternoon for a walk – a rather fun 5 mile charity event for the Snowdrop Trust. The sun came out and at the end we had tea and cake – of course we did. The ice cream was before we started – just to give sustenance you understand.


Well, I am so looking forward to the 4th series of GBSB – hope you are too!

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

New sunnies - I thought a bit Marilyn Munroe but Mr CK thinks more Miss Marple

New sunnies – I thought a bit Marilyn Munroe but Mr CK thinks more Miss Marple

23 responses

  1. Loving the two blouses! Certainly a great all rounder! I am also in agreement that the other AH fabric is destined to be another Susie. I am quite disappointed that it’s only a PDF pattern though – I no longer have unlimited printing access!


  2. Yaaay you’re back!! I’ve missed your posts you know I enjoy them!
    I love your new blouse – the style and fabric – it looks very cool and comfortable to wear. I need to buy some sew over it patterns. I only have one – the shirt dress, so need to invest as I do love them all.
    Post soon! X


    • Have you seen it now? Watched it with my menfolk and even they enjoyed it. I think I am going to like the new lady – quite bold to say “I’m disappointed” the way she did. Some things were dreadful though! The net skirt the 18 year old made was a triumph!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I totally agree! The net skirt was awesome! Why has May dropped out? Why are the contestants not used to bias binding?? Or zips??? We are better than we thought, lady!!


  3. Lovely, glad you are enjoying your walking. Even better in your new top. Both of these are lovely I’ve not noticed this pattern before now, now I am going off to have a look over on SOI.


  4. You have convinced me I need the pattern, so good for work. Lovely fabric. Tell us more about the walking. You need clothes to walk in. It’s only like us runners (jolly joggers in my case) K xXx


  5. This top is absolutely ‘you’. That collar is so neat! It really shows off that amazing fabric so would work well with the bonkers one which definitely needs to be shown off in all its glory! Glad you are sewing again. See you soon. X


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