Delphine avec des fraises et les fourmis

Bonjour and Happy Easter!

imageI bought this fabric a year ago from Cloth Kits, Chichester when I did my first workshop (even before I had my own sewing machine).  I immediately fell in love with the funky pattern  – ants and strawberries together on a rather stiff cotton fabric.  Having bought it I didn’t really know what to make with it.  However, this week whilst I have been pottering around – both in general and on the sewing front – it suddenly came to me: a Delphine.

imageThere’s not really too much to say about the skirt.  The pattern is straightforward to sew; it comes from Love at First Stitch and I really appreciate the instructions, clear diagrams and Tilly’s pragmatic approach. Here is Tilly’s advice for Stitch in the Ditch which I did first time with this skirt: ” …don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect and some stitches go off piste – for I do believe life’s too short to stress out over the little things.” A girl after my own heart but my ditchy stitching was OK.

imageI’m not sure really what to wear it with – I think maybe a plain black or red top  but I haven’t got one so for the time being it’s dark green. By the way, in the background you can see Arundel Cathedral and just in the corner, the castle.


Well the first week of the holidays have gone and it’s been really relaxing but I am in full matriarch mode for the weekend. I made my first ever jam (jelly) – pink grapefruit and rosemary to go with the spring lamb. Just look at the lovely colour:

imageI also managed to fit in a bit of fabric shopping. There is a great shop in Worthing called … The Fabric Shop. The only trouble is, whenever there is a lot of choice I always feel overwhelmed. I bought two metres of this blue fabric which I think I am going to make another Kim with – although I did buy four buttons because I was also thinking about making a Sureau.



What do you think? Kim or Sureau?

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x






9 responses

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  2. Another vote for Kim! In my head Sureau is a winter dress, and I’m all about summer dresses at the minute. Your skirt is great, what’s not to love about the fabric?!


  3. Kim!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love a Sureau, but I think a Kim is a great way to look forward to Summer. You look like you’re on a glorious holiday in your snaps! Love the skirt too. Must invest in Tilly’s book.


  4. Funny, I was just reading my Tilly book yesterday. It was amazing how much more I got from it after having made a few more things than when I first bought it. I love your Delphine. Perfect fabric. And anything plain will go with it.


  5. I’m with the others….in that gorgeous fabric a kim. Love your skirt a perfect choice with that fabric. Talking about fabric – ants and strawberries – super fab!


  6. Thats a great looking skirt! I think you could wear it with most plain colour tops- this top you are wearing it with works well. As for the Kim or Saureau; I dont remember if I have seen you in a Saureau so I cant say. I have, however, seen your Kims and you look fab so my vote goes for Kim – nautical Kim 😃


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