Calling all you Overlocker Queens – Help!

Hello all,

I hope your week is going well?

Look what arrived in the post for me today!

imageNow, this is very exciting.  I got the pattern out to read on the train coming home from work (cue lots of surprised looks from commuters) and had a bit of a surprise.  I have pledged to myself that I am going to make up Sewaholic’s Davie as my first garment on my overlocker but … now that I have the pattern, it is awash with topstitching.  How do I do that on my overlocker?  Or, do I make the dress up on my overlocker but then topstitch on my normal machine? But … how will I do that with knit fabric? Do I use my walking foot? Or, if on the overlocker, do I use top stitch thread?  Oooh, so many questions – all suggestions gratefully received.

Making the Davie will probably be my first project of the Easter holidays (eight days to go – not that I’m counting but it’s been a foul half-term) as this weekend I have the second of my Mortmain workshops.  Want a peep of progress thus far?


The bodice looks as if it will fit well – I cut a 10.  You can’t actually see the darts on this but I do look gloriously flat-chested (I am).  If you think it clashes somewhat with my stripey top, just look at the skirt when I was still wearing my jumper!


Really looking forward to sharing the finished garment with you and telling you all about Badger and Earl. Will have to remember to wear appropriate shoes/tights for the group photograph as the above photos are decidedly unflattering!

Have a good rest of the week,

Toodle pip,

Clarinda x

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  1. I would say exactly the same thing as justsewtherapeutic… I am am fan of twin needle top stitching for knits.
    But I also agree less is more when top stitching. afterall …nothing says ‘homemade’ more than wonky top stitching Dahling!!
    I have just seen a peep of your mortmain dress on twitter via handmade Jane…Gorgeous or what?
    d x

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  2. Would it be totally controversial to suggest skipping the top stitching? I have started making this pattern and decided to give the top stitching a miss – I am not brilliant at keeping it absolutely even and I felt as if there was a danger it would end up looking a bit rubbish! I have used my overlocker and it has been super quick to sew up so far!



  3. Practice on scrap first but I would topstitch using the normal machine. When I hemmed my first jersey top I didn’t needs my walking foot. Your previous seams will have stabilised the fabric at this point.


  4. Yeah I was going to saw exactly what just saw therapeutic said… Although if your fabric is really slippy then use tissue paper under your fabric – it stabilises it somewhat. Your mortmain looks really good too! Just a question regarding the shape of the skirt – are the pieces large rectangles or have they some curved a-line shape to them?


    • Hi, more or less rectangles which you make up into box pleats – that bit was quite straightforward but the exposed zip was REALLY tricky. Will do blog post at the weekend – once I’ve hemmed it and taken photos.


  5. Ooooh that fabric is lovely! Your mortman will look totally fab! I really am no overlocker expert but I would guess you make the garment with the overlocker and then top stitch with your machine – I will be following all other comments with interest……..

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  6. If you make the guts of your dress up on your overlocker you can then use your normal machine for topstitching, just use a ballpoint needle and a slightly longer stitch length. If you are feeling particularly adventurous (and I know you probably will be) you can use a twin needle (just make sure it’s a ballpoint one!) If your fabric is quite stable you should be fine without the walking foot, I’ve only ever needed mine for stuff that stretches out of shape really easily. Really looking forward to seeing your dress! X


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